TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Some residents living in the Forrester Gardens apartment complex say living conditions are terrible.  

Tina Moore wants the owner to fix her apartment, for the past 11 days she has been dealing with mold and sewage waste leaking into her apartment.

“I have over three inches of feces in my bathroom sink and that’s in my bedroom where I sleep every night they know about it and I’ve documented it and this is the 11th day I have documented this problem. I don’t know what else to do and I have been to the doctors office four times,” Moore said.

Moore turned to the city for help, Tuscaloosa City Councilman John Faile says the city is working to hold the property owner accountable. According to the councilman, police, fire and code enforcement and the health department have already shut down some apartment units and plan to revisit the property next Wednesday.

If improvements are not made, John Faile says officials might close down more apartment units.

“Some of these folks have had problems with water coming from their ceilings from apartments above and there’s been all sorts of problems and we saw feces on the floor inside these peoples homes and I saw water gushing outside from a pipe,” Faile said.

CBS 42 reached out the property owner by email, but nobody from Forrester Gardens apartment complex returned our email or phone call. City councilman John Faile says he feels badly for the residents who are living in the poor conditions.

“We are strongly encouraging the property owner landlord to fix this. The health department has already shut down some of these apartments and  the issue is finding places for people to live,” said Faile.

Tina Moore tells CBS 42 she and her family are considering taking legal action against Forrester Gardens apartments if things are not improved at her apartment.