BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The spring and upcoming summer travel seasons are here and that means many will be rushing to the airport for trips and vacations.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is offering advice on how to prepare luggage and carry-ons before entering the airport so passengers don’t stress about being stopped before boarding their flight.

TSA representatives said the number one tip is not to come to the TSA checkpoint with a gun or weapon. That may seem obvious, but TSA agents said last year nearly 90 guns were stopped at airports in Alabama and 55 of those were found here in Birmingham.

“It’s your responsibility to know what the law is on the other side of your trip. Whereas you might be able to leave legally with your gun in this state, you might not be able to possess it in another state. So that is your responsibility,” Sari Koshetz, a TSA Spokesperson, said.

Koshetz said if you would like to travel with your gun or weapons, like brass knuckles or a pocket knife, it needs to be stored properly in your checked bag.

“If you’re going to have it in your checked bag, which is the only way to travel with your gun, it must be declared to the airline at check-in. It must be in a hard-sided locked case and unloaded,” Koshetz said. “That’s the way to go with your gun if you’re going to travel with it.”

Koshetz said it’s also important to know what items are prohibited so you can avoid any issues at the checkpoint. She suggested making sure all items in your carry-on bag are items that are allowed on the plane.

Koshetz also said to keep in mind that rules for checked bags and carry-on bags are different.

If you have questions about what items are allowed or not, you can message TSA on Facebook and Twitter. Koshetz suggested doing so before your trip to make for a smoother travel experience.