TRUSSVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) – Trussville City Schools parents packed a city council meeting Tuesday night, panicked after a so-called ‘death note’ was found at the high school. The council committed to get to the bottom of why it went unreported for almost a year.

Trussville Police confirmed earlier in the day that they did not begin investigating the incident that happened last October until 11 days ago.

Parents shared that they have not gotten any information directly from the school district to reassure them that their children are going to be safe going in the classroom, or even that there is some sort of incident being investigated.

They packed the city hall annex building to the point of not being able to move about the room to share these concerns for hours.

Stephanie Moore just heard about the list on Sept. 14 and found out the next day that her son was on it.

She and other parents are calling for a rewriting of a memorandum of understanding by a third-party addressing student code of conduct, threat assessment and demanding a change of leadership in the district.

“I’m confident that these things will happen,” Moore said. “I’ve had three children in Trussville City Schools since 2006. I’ve been an advocate for the school for many years, but I’m not taking this lightly.”

Moore helped to organize a meeting several days ago with the police chief and the other 36 families impacted by this incident. City leaders also shared their concerns that this was just brought to their attention although it happened a year ago. They say they want the citizens of Trussville to feel safe as they have gone to great lengths to provide resources for school resource officers.

“We just want assurance that the plan that we have in place, which we think is really good, and how threats ought to be treated that we adhere to those,” City Councilor and Liasion to Public Safety said. “That’s what we as a city want to make sure is done.”

Council members will be meeting with school board members and representatives Wednesday morning at eight o’clock to bring many of the concerns shared by parents directly to them to continue working toward a resolution. No school board members were in attendance Tuesday.

Tuesday afternoon the principal for the high school was placed on administrative leave.