TRUSSVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) – On Thursday, Governor Kay Ivey announced three infrastructure updates coming to central Alabama roads including widening and improving the intersection of Trussville between Interstates 459 and 20.

The intersection of these interstates is known for being a traffic headache in its current state, many say especially during the morning and afternoon work commutes.

“It’s jammed up,” says Leo Russo, Trussville resident.

Russo has lived in Trussville for nearly 40 years and he says the traffic at the I-459 and I-20 intersection has gotten worse with each passing year.

“We need some more lanes there, it’s so packed,” Russo said. “Even during the day it’s full.”

The Trussville mayor said during Ivey’s press conference that expanding this intersection will be good for the city’s public safety as it’s a spot where many people get into wrecks.

“I’ve seen a few, my brother’s had one there,” Russo said.

Kurt Kristensen lives in Hoover but teaches in Trussville, making the daily commute into the city from I-459. He says the expansion will be a good idea for short-term relief but he’s not sure how long that relief will last.

“This is a rapidly expanding area. You see over by Barber Motorsports is a rapidly expanding area too so it’ll be a short-term solution,” Kristensen said.

People in Trussville are ready for this update to the infrastructure and hope for some significant relief from traffic congestion.