BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – For many, the road leads home on Thanksgiving Day, but for others the road is home. Many spend the holiday with family, but truckers spend hours on the highway making sure all packages and products are transported.

CBS42 spoke with several truckers who say working on holidays like today is never easy, but that they are proud to serve because they know as long as those engines are running and the wheels are turning, America keeps moving.

With 15 years of experience under his belt, Ben Thomas says working holidays as a trucker is rough, but he still finds ways to make the most of the day.

“It was rough at times, but you know, eventually you get used to it,” Thomas said. “You know, like, when I do come home, I come home for a minute, then I was right back gone again. You know, a lot of times I come home after the holiday and, you know, that’s when we celebrate.”

At the Flying J truck stop, assistant general manager Micah Dawson says they understand the challenge it can be for them, so they work to make truckers feel at home with a true thanksgiving meal.

“Everybody wants to be with their family on holidays,” Dawson said. “So, when they come in there, we try to make them feel welcome, and not just only on this day, but every day. It’s very important to make them feel at home- like it’s their home actually.”

To make the holiday a little brighter, some truckers choose to make their trip cross-country in pairs. The couples CBS42 spoke with are from Miami and say they give thanks simply for life and each other.

“For Life, for working, for you, for you, for everybody,” said Jose Lopez and his wife who are traveling through from Miami.

“I’m thankful that I’m here and that I’m with my boyfriend,” said Ksenia Shkurina who is traveling with her boyfriend from Miami. “At least we can give thanks to people that we don’t know. It’s good enough”

To all the truckers on the road this Thanksgiving, we give thanks to you for keeping America up and running today and every day.