Truck drivers continue to make deliveries during COVID-19 pandemic

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — Whether it’s toilet paper or food, it’s all getting to the shelves by truck drivers.

“Keep calm and keep trucking” is the message for truck drivers across Alabama. The Alabama Trucking Association has a sign of encouragement draped across their building. 

“At the beginning, you know everyone was just going in buying everything off the shelf, you walk in there and there’s nothing there. But now we’ve caught up, you know, like we always say from the beginning ‘the truckers are coming,'” Alphonso Lewis said.

Alphonso Lewis has been a truck driver for 30 years. He says the biggest thing he’s delivering right now is medical supplies.

“I see a lot of masks coming in. Gloves. Sanitizers,” Lewis said.

All of the items in stores you see on shelves or the ones you don’t, they’ve either gotten there by truck or they’re coming by truck.

“Truckers are America’s calvary. So during crisis times, and during normal times, they’re moving essential goods,” said Mark Colson, Alabama Trucking Association President.

Colson says regulations have been modified for truckers like hours of service and weight.

“They are doing their job safely. They’re making sure they protect themselves and those around them,” said Colson.

Even in today’s times truck drivers still remain one of the most sought after jobs in the state.


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