TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Residents are complaining about large amounts of trash that is being dumped along Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in west Tuscaloosa.

Shirley Thomas lives down the road from where the trash is being dumped. She is fed up and wants something to be done about the constant and excessive littering.

“Help us and stop this. Put signs up that say no dumping and give them fines if you’re caught dumping,” Thomas said. “Help us keep it clean. Tuscaloosa is a beautiful place and even though it’s called ‘Moody Swamp,’ it shouldn’t have to look like a swamp.”

Tuscaloosa resident Jerry Carter says the dumping issue has been going on for decades along the two-mile stretch of road. People have dumped tires, furniture, beer bottles and trash bags full of junk.

“I see decades of filth, it’s a dumping ground,” Carter said. “18-wheeler tires and parts of dead animals. I think a better job could be done to maintain it and keep it clean.”

Tuscaloosa City Council President Kip Tyner says the trash problem is horrible and he wants to install video cameras so police can catch those responsible for dumping the trash.

“They should face more than any $500 fine, I know that, and this is one area that is just horrific,” Tyner said. “And we need cameras there. We need to crack down on this and we will.”

According to the city ordinance, anyone caught dumping trash faces a $500 fine plus court cost penalties.