Trains carrying loads of sewage containing human waste from New York to Alabama have been put on hold–at least for the time being.

The waste, coming from treatment facilities in New York and New Jersey, has caused complaints of smells and insects from residents in west Jefferson and Walker counties. reports that the New York Department of Environmental Protection has stopped using the Big Sky landfill facility in Adamsville as a precaution to better understand local concern.

Calls from CBS 42 to the New York Department of Environmental Protection have not been returned.

Parrish mayor Heather Hall says train cars full of waste have been left sitting in her community–even now.

“My understanding is that this is all probably just very temporary,” Hall told CBS 42 Tuesday afternoon. “I asked permission to speak with our attorney about filing an injunction and possible public nuisance lawsuit against both the railroad and Big Sky environmental.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, about 250 containers remained on the tracks in Parrish. Mayor Hall says half of them are empty, but the rest are full. CBS 42 photojournalist Nic Gulas described the smell as “rather unpleasant.”

Big Sky is not making any statements on advice of their attorneys.