Train cars carrying human-waste appear in North Birmingham

Local News
October 02 2021 06:00 pm

An issue that has been a problem for residents in West Jefferson and Walker County has spread to Birmingham city limits.

Train cars carrying human waste were sitting in north Birmingham for about 2 to 3 weeks, according to Acipco-Finley residents. 

Some of the train cars that come from New Jersey and New York have been sitting in a rail-yard off Finley Avenue. 

“It’s really indescribable. It’s overbearing sometimes,” said Tony Groves, who works at Star Truck Parts in Acipco-Finley.

West Jefferson Mayor Charles Nix says people have been permitted to bring in tons of waste. 

“These people are permitted to bring in this sewage sludge from 48 states at 25 thousand tons per day. This is a huge problem,” said Mayor Nix. 

Last week, Parrish denied a business license with Big Sky Environmental, telling the company to move the sludge.

They say they were waiting to get a lease from Norfolk Southern, who has been hauling this waste. Some of that was sitting in Acipco-Finley neighborhood.

“It’s not environmentally safe because no one else would want this in their backyard. No one would want to live next door to this,” said Kevin Powe, the Acipco-Finley neighborhood president. 

Powe said he’s worried about his neighborhood.

“We have a lot of health problems, respiratory problems. People coming to our meetings with respiratory problems, can’t breathe. There is a lot of things we’re trying to value and we can’t value if we keep getting waste dumped in our neighborhoods,” said Powe. 

As of Tuesday evening, those train cars were removed from Finley Avenue.

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