BROOKWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — A house fire that occurred Monday night in Brookwood completely destroyed a family’s home but resulted in no injuries or loss of life.

Brookwood Mayor Joe Barger says he is glad the family who lost their home on Cherry Austin Road survived the scary ordeal.

“We always say we can replace the material wealth but we can’t replace a life,” Mayor Barger said. “We are very thankful for the men and women who serve as first responders were able to get the family out safely and that’s good to see nobody was hurt or injured.”

Neighbor Ronald Abbott was also glad nobody was hurt. He was at his home the night the fire broke out and says it was a scary situation for his neighbors across the street.

“Well it’s pretty sad, you just hate to see anything like this happen to anybody. The fire broke out and they woke up and everything was on fire,” Abbott said. “The man and his wife got out and the kids were visiting relatives [so] they were not home.”

Brookwood Police Chief Jimmy Sellers said the fire is under investigation to determine the cause of the blaze. Mayor Barger also said the Red Cross is helping the family get through the difficult experience.