Too cute! Foley students’ twin day photo goes viral

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FOLEY, Ala. (WIAT/CNN) — When told they were having “Twin Day” at school during Red Ribbon Week, Myles wasted no time.

“I came up with the idea. I told my mommy,” said Myles.

Brittany Tankersly said the night before “Twin Day” at Magnolia School, Myles kept going on and on about how he just had to be twins with a boy in his class because they “look exactly the same” — the same eyebrows and curly hair.

Trying to make Myles’ vision come to light, his mom searched for Tanner’s mom, texted her to get his size,  and headed out to buy the two matching outfits, not sure who Tanner was or his taste in clothes.

The next day, she sent Myles to school with the matching outfit, just hoping it would all work out. Hours later she received this picture from his teacher:

She says her heart just melted, obviously two very different children, but through Myles’ eyes he didn’t see that.

Myles and Tanner both say they are waiting for their moms to set up playdates.

Brittany shared this picture on Facebook of her son Myles and his best friend Tanner for “Twin Day”, where it has since gone mega-viral with nearly 300,000 shares and more than 500,000 likes.


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