Thompson High School eSports team wins state championship

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ALABASTER, Ala. (WIAT) — The Thompson High School Warriors eSports team won two championship titles during the state tournament.

The team beat Spain Park High School and Bob Jones High School in matches playing both League of Legends and Super Smash Brothers.

The Thompson Warriors eSports team holds up their championship plaque. Photo courtesy: ePlex.

When you hear Thompson High School and state championship, the school’s football program may come to mind. A newer team on the Warriors’ campus is taking home titles now too.

“We are now the 2021 State Champions for the game Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and that is kinda wild,” sophomore eSports team member Owen Alcorn said.

The win is especially wild because only two years ago, Coach Spencer Stone created the team.

The plaque the Warriors earned for their win in Super Smash Brothers. The plaque is now in the school’s trophy case.

Now, they’ve earned themselves a state championship win.

They just came off of a season that involved competition that Owen says was pretty forgettable.

“We’ve had a pretty good streak,” Alcorn said. “We’ve only had one tie. That’s impressive and when you win that much, nothing really sticks out all that much.”

The Thompson Warriors earned their titles against Spain Park and Bob Jones High School at Birmingham’s ePlex gaming center.

Coach Stone said, while of course the title means a great deal to him and his athletes, the road to their championship win is what’s most remarkable.

“A story I always tell is when we got our jerseys the first year. We had a player, the one who just left, put his jersey on,” Coach Stone reflected. “And to himself he said, ‘I now feel like I’m part of the school.’ It was really this touching moment.”

Coach Spencer Stone stands alongside his team members following their victory. Photo courtesy: ePlex.

After almost two years apart and with many teammates unfamiliar with one another due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Coach said the way the team came together when it mattered was incredible.

But this year, through the power of teamwork and communication, the Warriors eSports team earned the title to become state champions.

“It doesn’t really matter where you came from, you can always have the best possibility out of your situation,” Alcorn said.

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