ALABASTER, Ala. (WIAT) – Traffic problems are a pain for many in Alabaster, but the city is working to make improvements.

Whether it’s blocked railroad crossings, wrecks, or traffic jams, citizens say navigating roads in Alabaster is a nightmare.

“There’s either commuters or a train every direction you turn in Alabaster every morning,” Local resident Stephen Proctor said.

Heavy traffic during commutes and rush hours do not aid the situation.

“All of a sudden, it’s like a sea of cars if you come to a stop and you sit there and you scoot a little bit and then you sit there,” said Debbie Winslet, another Alabaster citizen. “It’s just ridiculous.”

City administrator Brian Binzer says they plan to install new traffic cameras all throughout the city, including at key intersections and railroad crossings.

“It gives our communications officers a chance that we can help folks when there’s a railroad crossing that’s blocked or traffic jams or accidents or those types of things,” Binzer said. “We can get the word out to the public.”

Some citizens are excited to hear the city is making plans to solve their concerns.

“I love anything that will help us to know in advance what’s going on and alternate ways to go,” said Winslet. “Oh yeah, that’s most definitely something they need.”

Others, however, are not as optimistic.

“It might just be that the city sees them or the police and they just know there’s a clog there and then they do something,” said Proctor.

Binzer says their citizens will receive the same real-time information as their communications officers through the city’s text alert system.

“Any technology that we can give to our public and to our dispatch and first responders that helps them do their job or get to work or those types of things,” said Binzer. “We’re always looking for those types of opportunities.”

Binzer says they consider this phase one in their effort to continue looking for ways to integrate more helpful technology.