TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Whether by plane or by car, millions across the U.S. will be traveling on the roads within the next few days.

Wednesday marked one of the busiest travel days of the year – with drivers hitting the roads to get to their holiday destinations. CBS 42 caught up with drivers fueling up at Quick Trip off I-20/59.

“For us this year we said we just want to travel so just all going together to do it,” Kimmy Leboeuf said, traveling with her family and family friends on their trip from Louisiana to Ruby Falls in Tennessee.

“We travel a lot, that’s how we bond,” Bre Jones said on her trip from Louisiana to Tennessee.

These travelers, bonded by trekking through Alabama to get home in time for a Thanksgiving feast.

AAA spokesperson Clay Ingram said gas prices are not a concern this holiday. Instead, he advises drivers to be aware and alert while traveling on this third busiest Thanksgiving weekend ever.

“Plan ahead as best as you can that’s pretty much the secret to everything,” Ingram said. “With this level of traffic, there’s more cars on the road, your reaction time is less, your margin of error is less so distractions become much, much more dangerous this time of year.”

Drivers like Daniel Hynum haven’t traveled since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. He is traveling from South Carolina to Mississippi.

“Kids are getting older, some folks are getting ready to graduate high school and others are two or three years old that we haven’t gotten to see yet so we are looking forward to getting together as a family,” Hynum said.

No matter which direction these drivers go, their intention on the road has not slowed.

“That’s what makes it special is it’s family time and we’re on the dirt not under the dirt,” Sylvester Bradford said on his drive from Mississippi to Georgia.

Ingram said Sunday afternoon is expected to be just as busy, so be sure to plan for that.