TALLADEGA, Ala. (WIAT) — The City of Talladega is on a mission to make sure people know it offers much more than just NASCAR.

On Tuesday, dozens of kids and community members of all ages, including first responders, made their way to Duncan Pinkston Park to paint a mural as part of the city’s new beautification project.

Seddrick Hill, city manager of Talladega, says this mural is just the first of many projects in the works.

“It’s one thing that can bring a community together — artwork,” Hill said. “You can be mad about potholes, you can be mad about all types of things, but you cannot be mad with kids doing artwork to continue to beautify their community and bring back that sense of pride to our neighborhoods.”

The painters teamed up with artist Jeff Hallman from Talladega, who has painted murals around town and even around the world.

“I think the world needs more light right now, it always needs more light,” Hallman said.

He currently lives in Berlin, Germany, but he emphasized Alabama will always be home. For him, the event was also in the spirit of his late mother who taught art to children.

“I gave them no rules. I kind of gave them a little bit of guidance and [told them] ‘paint a flower, and then just go with your intuition,’ and that’s what they’re doing beautifully. They’re making me look bad,” Hallman said, laughing.

Several students from the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind also came out to help, including Ja’Carah Pritchett who said she “loved being out with her friends” and Gracie Miller who enjoyed painting “flowers and rainbows.”

The city is aiming to do 10 more mural projects like this, and one day, it hopes to be part of the Alabama mural tour.