Taco Casa employee who walked to work gifted car by anonymous customer

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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Thanks to an anonymous donor and faithful customer, a Taco Casa employee in Tuscaloosa who walks several miles to work every day in the heat now has a new car.

The whole thing was caught on video this week after the business owner posted the footage on social media. Hundreds have watched and are talking about the kind gesture.  

Owner Rod Wilkin said it’s one of the most incredible acts of kindness he has ever seen.

“It’s just amazing to think that a customer has met another person for 15 minutes and feels like God has told him that hey I need to buy him a car,” Wilkin said. “I need to take care of this man, I need to show him and I need to show the love of Jesus to this individual.”

Wilkin handed over the keys to a fully paid-off Acura sedan to his employee. A number of Taco Casa workers gathered around to watch as their co-worker got the surprise of his life.  

Customer Mary Beavers said she praises the man for giving the car and the worker who is so dedicated to walking to work.

“I just think it shows the dedication he has for his job his love he has for customers at Taco Casa.  And the fact that he got rewarded for it I think its really special and awesome,” Beavers said.

Customer Gary Winthorpe also admires the generosity and love shown to this dedicated employee.

“It really just shows how good people are especially with all the bad stuff going on nowadays,” Winthorpe said. “There are still good people around.”

CBS 42 reached out to get a reaction from the worker who received the new car, but we were told he did not want to comment. However, Wilkin said he is thrilled his faithful employee now has his own car to get to work.

“He is a great employee here for us, he does a little bit of everything for us he is a fry cook,” he said. “He helps us make food on our prep line. He’s just a great guy.”

The employee, who was not identified, has been working at Taco Casa on Rice Mine Road for several years.


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