Survey: Alabamians each spend over $2,200 per year on after-work drinks

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — During 2019, Alabama workers each spent an average of over $2,200 on after-work drinks, according to research done by a website., an organization that provides resources on alcohol addiction and abuse, recently unveiled a survey that tracked how much Americans spent on alcohol in after-work situations. For Alabama, the website reported that people, on average, spent $2,223 each on drinks after work. According to, that is equivalent to buying 650 beers.

In that same survey, people from Kentucky were each found to spend over $5,530 on after-work drinks, the highest amount in the country. The state with the lowest amount of money spent on after-work drinks was Maine with each resident spending on average $1,415 per year.

The national average was marked at about $3,035 per year.

The organization collected their data by surveying over 3,800 workers across the country, asking them how often they go out for drinks after work and what they regularly spend.

“It’s easy to fall into a routine of having a couple of drinks after a tiring day, however, it is important to ensure you are not becoming dependent on alcohol by using it as a coping mechanism,” said Joy Sutton, spokesperson for, in a statement on the survey. “Alcohol use disorder is more common than people realize. It’s the No. 1 reason people seek treatment at American Addiction Centers. To evaluate if you or a loved one may have a problem, there is a free online assessment. We encourage people to reach out for help. Alcohol use disorder is treatable, but left untreated, will most likely get worse.”

In addition, the survey also found:

-1 in 3 workers thought having drinks after work were good for team bonding.

-The average after-work drink session lasted 1.8 hours.

-1 in 10 workers drank shots during after-work drinking.


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