Substitute Medical Marijuana Bill awaits vote during last day of legislative session

Local News
October 02 2021 06:00 pm

BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT)– Alabama’s Medical Marijuana bill has seen ups and downs this legislative session, but one of the CARE Act’s original proponents says the bill has seen historical success.

“The big thing was to get Carly’s Law extended, and I think that is going to happen with the subsititute bill.

Dustin Chandler went to Montgomery Thursday afternoon, the last day of Alabama’s legislative session, to see the substitue medical marijuana bill all the way through.

Chandler says the substitute bill combines the CARE Act and Carly’s Law but it pulls the commission out and separates the legislation piece by piece.

“We knew with the CARE Act from all along that we were going to set up a medical marijuana commission that was going to be in charge of licensing dispensaries, cultivators, how are patients going to get medical cannabis cards and all that. So, having the commission is not a shock,” says Chandler.

If the substitute bill is voted on Thursday, the bill will receive Governor Kay Ivey’s signature, and a commission will move forward.

“I hope the commission comes up with good legislation that we can use, and I have faith that they will.”

However, if the bill doesn’t get voted on this session, Chandler says that’ll be disappointing and they’ld have to “reset” to try again next year.

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