(WIAT) — Don’t put away your wallet just yet because sometimes the secret to stretching your dollar is buying something now that you know you’ll eventually need, especially if it’s out there at a good price.

First, toys and winter coats that were left behind this holiday season are at a good price right now.

For all you with the resolution to lose weight, buying fitness equipment right now may turn out to be a better deal than signing up for a membership at a gym. You’ll find big items like treadmills and ellipticals are marked way down.

Also, January is a great month to buy new sheets or comforters for your bed that you’ve been wanting. Remember to keep an eye on the return policy if you’re buying for a warmer season.

Tax software is going for a good price in some places ahead of the tax season.

For men, if you’re usually a last-minute shopper for Valentine’s Day, deals are out there now.

Some jewelry stores and flower shops are looking to have a good Valentine’s Day season and many offer deals in January.

“If you come in earlier, we can work on the prices because we want to sell the merchandise early,” said Joseph Conte, with Joseph A Conte Jewelers. “If you come in in the last minute, you’re probably not going to get a better deal.”

There are a few items you can probably get a better price on if you wait. Cars for example have better deals in February, closer to President’s Day.

Also, February is better for major appliances.

If you need luggage, maybe hold off until March or April if you can. They tend to go on sale around spring break.

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