Update: Alexander City, Rainbow City, city halls open as storm shelters for severe weather weekend

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Due to the concerns of citizens from Alexander City and Rainbow City, both city halls will open as a storm shelter if the severe weather threat heightens over the weekend.

Community members who flee to the city halls as a place of protection and shelter will need to wear a mask as the COVID-19 threat is still among us.

And only officially documented service animals will be allowed inside.

The Alexander City Police Department further explained why the city did not initially open shelters amid a severe weather threat. Alexander City does not have a FEMA Community Shelter, a shelter rated to withstand a tornado, the police department reports. City Hall has been listed as a shelter in the past to help those who may be affected by long term power outages.

(WIAT) — Alexander City Police Department and Rainbow City Police Department announced Friday morning that their storm shelters will not be open to the public during the severe weather weekend.

Police say this is due to the contagious nature of the virus and the current COVID-19 health guidelines that are in effect across the State.

Alexander City Police encourages residents to make arrangements in advance. In a release from Rainbow City Police, it states that any, “safe havens” or “refuges of last resort” such as community centers or church basements will not be open. Only select shelters, such as those built by FEMA, will be open and police ask that everyone wear masks and gloves. A list of open shelters can be found in the press release on the Rainbow City Police Department Facebook page.


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