State representative sends letter to Governor Bentley about “Wanda’s desk”

Local News

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — On Thursday, State Representative Johnny Mack Morrow sent an official letter to Governor Robert Bentley about the allegations he has faced regarding his relationship with Rebekah Mason.

The statement can be read below:“Dear Governor Bentley,In light of the recent audio recordings of you and Rebekah Caldwell Mason where you were discussing Wanda’s desk and locking the door, if you all were going to THAT again. I have a question that several people who I represent want to be answered.Wanda’s desk would be in Wanda’s office, which would be next to your office in The State Capitol. This is the People’s business in the people’s Capitol and they have a right to know!!What were you and Rebekah Caldwell Mason doing that would require that Wanda’s desk be moved and the door to be locked?Respectfully,Johnny Mack Morrow, District 18″

Morrow is one of many state officials seeking answers in the Governor Bentley saga.

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