State leaders send Gov. Bentley legislation to review & demands for information

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — On the same week when state lawmakers were sending a final education budget to the governor to sign, other state leaders were sending written demands for information related to the scandal.

In an order (Order to Appear Pursuant to Ala Code Sections 36-16-12) dated April 21, 2016, State Auditor Jim Zeigler writes that Governor Robert Bentley is ordered to appear at the State Auditor’s Building on the morning of May 2nd, 2016.

The order seeks information related to fight logs, passenger manifests, and disbursements or expenditures from the Governor’s Discretionary Funds, the all department emergency fund, and Serve Alabama.

Zeigler also orders the governor to produce copies of records related to confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements signed by members of his executive security detail from 2013 to date.

Additionally, Zeigler’s ordered the governor to turn over telephone records, payment records, and text messages for any cell phones purchased with state dollars that were used by Bentley to communicate with his former Chief Political Advisor Rebekah Mason.

Also on Thursday, a resolution to establish a committee of lawmakers to consider impeaching Governor Bentley was pending in the Alabama House of Representatives. Bentley told reporters that the process needed clarification and that he didn’t mind the formation of such a committee. However, Bentley did say that it wouldn’t be needed for him.

“There has never been any reason for impeachment. There is just not any out there. You know some of it was political grandstanding and some people got out so far on a limb that they just, so they’re trying to make it easy on everybody. I really think that what they’re doing now is certainly fine. It’s just a, a practical way of looking at it and I think that’s fine I don’t have any problems with it,” said Bentley.

In a letter addressed to the Honorable Governor Robert Bentley dated April 20, 2016 State Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow demands specific answers related to the sexually charged recordings that have fueled the controversy.

Bentley told reporters on Thursday that he had not seen the letter.

Senate President Pro-Tempore Del Marsh, R-Anniston, wants to get a message out to the voters about what lawmakers have been doing while the scandal has consumed the headlines“We’ve talked about prisons. We’ve talked about Medicaid. You know, what’s frustrating to me is the work that his body has done. Two weeks ago we overrode the governor’s veto of the general fund. We passed the prison bill. We passed the 2 year college accountability bill. We did several other things in one night, any other day…you talk…my goodness what a day. And yet we got no news coverage. It was all about the governor and other issues,” said Marsh.  “So I would tell the citizens that work is going on. We’re getting the job done.”

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