Stalled train blocks streets, impacts businesses in Trussville

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December 25 2021 12:00 am

TRUSSVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) – A Norfolk Southern Train continues to block a major artery in and out of the city.

Businesses and motorists report a train has been stalled on the tracks near the crossing at South Chalkville Road for more than a day now. This time the train blocks all the way to Camp Cullman.

The blockage causes Main Street to clog up even more during rush hour as drivers navigate down Waterson Parkway instead to get around. But as trains continue to sit on the track for hours and even days, it impacts nearby businesses.

At Miss Kelley’s School of Dance, students and parents are having a hard time getting to class on time.

“It just puts everyone behind, period,” dance teacher Melissa Haynes said. “Tonight, we had several that didn’t show up and I’m beginning to wonder if it was because of the train being on the track.”

According to Haynes, every time a train blocks that crossing at South Chalkville Rd., it causes them to get behind on choreography.

“I bring her over here two times a week and this train is always here sitting and not moving,” said father Tim Tucker dropping his daughter off at the studio. “She looked at me and said Dad I hope this train’s not over here stuck on this track again because I’m already running late and sure enough we get over here and it’s still sitting here.”

Trussville Police report they first got a call about the train around 4:30 p.m. Thursday but were unsure how long it had been there and were not given an ETA on when it could move. Lt. Clint Riner said the blockage is due to a crew needing to switch out.

Norfolk Southern released a statement to CBS 42 saying it was working to find a crew to get the train moved.

“We never want to inconvenience any member of the community with a blocked crossing. Sometimes trains do have to wait for a variety of reasons – whether congestion up the line, letting other trains pass, or even to comply with federal regulations. Our scheduling teams make every effort to minimize these impacts and we prioritize getting and keeping trains moving safely.”

Connor Spielmaker, Media Relations Manager

But every time the train comes back, it puts the students at Miss Kelley’s behind every time there’s that flashing red sign.

“If they miss and we’re teaching some major dances for a recital, they could miss some major choreography then have to go back in the next week and teach them all over again,” Haynes said.

The Trussville community is hopeful something will be done to fix the problem soon. Tucker said the train caused him to get his daughter to class 15 minutes late on Thursday.

“I just hope that our voices are heard and that something’s done about it,” Tucker said.

We have asked Norfolk Southern about how long the train has been on the tracks at this point and when it can be expected to be moved and have not received a response back.

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