Shooting in Holt community leaves neighbors concerned

Local News

HOLT, Ala. (WIAT)-Two people are recovering in the hospital after being shot early Sunday morning at a party in Tuscaloosa County in the Holt community near Holt High school.  The Tuscaloosa violent crimes unit is trying to find the shooter.

Police say two men got into a fight at a graduation party on 5th street near Holt High school.  More than fifty gunshots were fired and some of those bullets hit houses and one car. The shooting happened around one in the morning.  Cindy Glaze says the shots woke everyone up in her house.

“It sounded like firecrackers going off and kids were running everywhere.  They were hiding behind cars
it was scary and it was a mess” Glaze said. 

Two teenagers were wounded, a 19 year old boy was shot in the leg and an 18 year girl was shot in the chest.  Both injuries are not life threatening. Neighbor Pat Harris heard the shots.

“These people could have been killed.  All these kids were running for their life and people here in these houses could have been killed too and they need to do somthing about this” Harris said.

According to Tuscaloosa violent crimes unit the graduation party was not a Holt High school party.  Cindy Glaze wants those responsible for the shooting brought to justice.

“I was scared for the kids, I was scared for all the kids attending the party and its sad they can’t have a party without somthing like that happening”. 

 Anyone with information on the crime can call the Tuscaloosa county sheriff’s office.

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