Sheriffs say proposed gun legislation battle of freedom, public safety

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(WIAT) — Sheriffs from all over the state are coming together to fight a proposed gun legislation.

The bill would allow people in Alabama the right to carry a loaded gun in their vehicle without a concealed carry permit.

The sheriffs are calling it a “battle of freedom and public safety.”

As the law stands now, it is legal for someone to have a gun in their car without a permit, but there are rules to follow: the gun cannot be loaded, and it must be put in a locked box out of reach of any passengers in the vehicle.

Some in favor of the new law say a vehicle is an extension of their home and allows more freedom granted by the second amendment.

Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor said, “When it comes to leaving your home, we want to make sure that there’s public safety involved and that if you do that, it’s a responsibility of us to secure and be safe for our public and our community and that’s a huge issue that we’re trying to put forth here.”

Taylor continued, “This is not against the right to bear arms.”

Sheriffs also addressed how concealed carry permit laws have changed over the years.

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