Shelby County community relieved Lisa Holman has been found

Local News

Family and friends of Lisa Michelle Holman are relieved now that the missing 45-year-old has been found. 

A search party looked for Holman around County Road 36 near Pickle Road where investigators say her car went down a twenty-foot embankment. Police believe the crash happened Friday night. 

Law enforcement and hundreds of volunteers searched all day Saturday. Crews suspended the search Saturday night and continued Sunday morning when they eventually found Holman around 8:30 a.m. 

“Between the accident scene and Pickle Drive, there is a kind of a triangle area there, so in a wooded area there she was found,” Pelham Police Captain Pat Cheatwood.

A picture was taken where a volunteer is shoeless and jacket-less after giving those items to Holman. Brian Nethery shared the photo on his Facebook page saying,”This is Ryan. I didn’t catch his last name, I just know that he is my brother; he’s a brother to us all.”

He continued, “Ryan gave up his jacket and his shoes to Lisa. He walked out of the woods, through the briars, through the mud and back up the hill with his head down so humbly. Lisa is safe with her kids. And we can feel safe knowing that hundreds, even thousands of Ryan’s are out there.”

Amy Miller was part of the search party Sunday morning. She tells CBS 42 Holman is her best friend.

“To see her off in the ambulance, there is no better way this could have ended,” said Miller.  

Miller says she spoke with Holman after she was found.

“She thinks she lost consciousness after the crash and then she got her purse and shoes and placed them outside the car, climbed out through the back,” Miller explained. “Once she got out the car, she knelt down to find her purse and searched around and couldn’t find it, it was so dark. Once that happened, she continued to look for the purse and the car was gone,” said Miller.

Miller said she eventually found a rock overhang where she found shelter, which is where crews found her Sunday morning.

“She said more than anything, she was so cold she knew she would figure a way out, someone would find her, but she was so cold. I feel the weight of the world has been lifted off so many shoulders,” said Miller.

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