HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — Some restaurants continue to shut down around the Birmingham metro area, with more eateries announcing September closings.

In a social media post Tuesday, staff members from Mafioza’s in Mountain Brook announced the restaurant was closing. Neighbors in Homewood recently learned Mark’s Joint also went out of business.

“I had food here two or three times and enjoyed it every time,” said Mark EiChiara, who is a business owner nearby at Cahaba Cycles.

Neighbors learned of the closing by seeing a sign on the front door.

“When I came to lunch on Saturday and walked passed it and saw the signs up that they closed, I was very surprised, everyone was,” said EiChiara.

Some residents think the recent closings are abrupt. One delivery driver came to Mark’s Joint Tuesday to pick up an online mobile order and learned the restaurant had closed.

The fast closings leave neighbors to wonder what happened to establishments once a part of the neighborhood.

“We really do have some fantastic restaurants and maybe we have too many, I don’t know but I love the variety,” said EiChiara.

As quick as restaurants close, new eateries are announcing plans to open.

Some restaurant owners worry there are too many options for all to be successful.

“Every time a restaurant opens, my sales drop a little more each time, so that tells you that we don’t have the people to support each and every one of these restaurants,” said Maria Greguol.

Greguol owns La Calle Tacos and Snacks in Trussville. She recently opened about a year ago.

“You open, you have a lot of business, and then you think ‘hey great, let’s hire a ton of people and then run this great concept,'” said Greguol.

After a successful opening, Greguol said sales began to taper off as other restaurants opened nearby.

She has concerns about the future when hearing about so many other shops closing doors.

“Every time I hear of somebody closing, it kind of makes me nervous. I really wouldn’t like to go through the same thing, but supporting your local business, you are really supporting your city, your schools, you are keeping your money within,” said Greguol.

Similar competition, labor shortages, and rising rent prices are all factors that can make it difficult.

While Greguol hopes to continue serving customers at La Calle for years to come, she is thankful for the opportunity to share her food with neighbors in the community.

“They’re supportive. A lot of them have become friends, some even best friends, so I probably wouldn’t have met all of them if it wasn’t for this place,” said Greguol.

Economic development leaders told CBS 42 that officials are confident that new restaurants and businesses will continue to fill any voids left behind.

Below is a list of establishments that have announced closings or are no longer open for business.


  • 1st and 23rd
  • Blue Monkey
  • Rogue Tavern
  • Pale Eddie’s Pour House (*A June 2019 Facebook post states the bar has been closed for a month and will rebrand and remodel. The establishment is still not open for business as of September 2019)
  • Farm Burger
  • Chronic Tacos
  • J. Clyde
  • Bird’s Pizza – Lakeview
  • D’s Tamales – 5 Points South
  • Johnny Rockets- The Summit
  • Niki’s Downtown
  • Flip Burger Boutique – The Summit
  • Zoe’s – The Summit


  • Mark’s Joint
  • Jackson’s Bistro
  • BarTaco

Mountain Brook

  • Avo, Dram
  • Local Taco
  • Icehouse BBQ
  • Mafioza’s
  • MidiCi Italian Kitchen


  • Nino’s Italian Restaurant


  • Seafood and Chicken Box
  • Salvatore’s Pizza – Trussville

Vestavia Hills

  • Chronic Tacos
  • Metro Diner
  • Wintzell’s Oyster House – Cahaba Heights