SetMeUp: Birmingham’s newest dating app

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The creator of Birmingham’s newest dating app, SetMeUp, is hoping to bring back in-person dating.

“It’s all about in-person dating,” SetMeUp creator Adelaide Matte said. “The current dating apps do not offer in-person dating and focus on hooking up and never talking to the person again.”

Matte said it’s time to give people another route toward a match.

“I wanted to make an app to give people the option to have serious relationships and go on dates with potential romantic partners,” Matte said.

Image courtesy: SetMeUp

Rather than swiping away at who you find attractive and hoping for a match, users can fill out a personality questionnaire when they sign up for the app, offering them a potentially more compatible and wholesome match.

The Hive is one of the restaurants on SetMeUp’s list of options. Image courtesy: SetMeUp.

 “It’s based on personality,” she said. “What you’re interested in and what you want out of life.”

An added bonus – you can consider the struggle of brainstorming for things to do with that match a problem of the past. While planning your date, SetMeUp has a list of 20 venue options, including Caya Coco, The Collins Bar, The Roof at Redmont, Back Forty Brewery, Paramount, Ono Poke and more.

“We curated the perfect first date spots,” she said. “Those are the businesses that are the most safe, as well as the most unique. We did coffee shops, breweries and dinner spots. That way while you’re dating, you can also explore local spots to try. It makes it a lot easier for people to meet up and have less anxiety about going on a first date.”

Image courtesy: SetMeUp

Matte said several people have already made matches on SetMeUp app in Birmingham. It’s now available wherever you get your apps. You can sign up, fill out that questionnaire and get set up – just in time for the weekend.

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