BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – The US Israel Education Association (USIEA) held discussions about the Israel-Hamas War and its impact on the U.S. The association hosted a panel Friday afternoon at Temple Emanu-El in Birmingham.

The panel consisted of Senator Katie Britt, who just returned from Israel a few weeks ago, Auburn basketball head coach Bruce Pearl and Heather Johnson, the CEO of the USIEA.

“The most Jews killed since 1945 in a single day,” says Coach Pearl.

Pearl began his statements by asking those in the audience how they were feeling.

“Are you OK?”


“OK. I’m going to stick around after this event and I want a hug and I want to pray with you tonight.”

Pearl says while his head is getting ready for basketball season, his heart is with his Jewish brothers and sisters.

“Everybody is going home and talking about this at the kitchen table. Everybody is, feels terrible about the death and destruction on both sides,” Pearl said. “War is a terrible, terrible thing. We’re just running out of places to go.”

Those who gathered to listen to the panelists say they’re doing their part to be a voice for the Israelis.

“My parents have always taught us the importance of standing as Christians with Israel and how we come from the same people, we have the same God and we believe in blessing the state of Israel and its people,” Birmingham resident Margaret Mitchell said.

“You think a lot about what you would have done during World War II times and what I hope I would’ve done is use my voice for the people of Israel and for the Jewish community that was so oppressed and was being slaughtered and now they have been slaughtered again,” Birmingham resident Lauren Malbrouth said.