CORDOVA, Ala. (WIAT) — The Walker County School Board voted on Thursday to move forward with construction for a new Cordova Elementary School and Dora High School.

The approved plan includes building a new and bigger Cordova Elementary School and Dora High School to help with the city’s growth.

Cordova Elementary School will be rebuilt at its current location, a decision several parents do not agree with.

“I just don’t think the plan that they have is it,” Tyler Pate said. “At least look at the property that is out on Cordova Parrish Road and I know they have looked at it.”

Pate is among the parents disappointed in the board’s decision. He said there was a lack of transparency from the board, and he wished they would have considered rebuilding on new land.

“When the planning stages started, there were no disagreements with the property being used,” Pate said.

Walker County Superintendent Dennis Willingham said the board came to this decision after meeting with stakeholders.

“We want to keep our schools together and there’s a lot of tradition at Cordova, there’s a lot of tradition at Dora,” Willingham said.

As for the transparency concern, Willingham said the board made sure to keep communication open with the stakeholders and Cordova Elementary School staff.

“I think everybody is going to be excited when they see the groundbreaking and building coming up,” Willingham said.

Despite opposing the board’s new plan, Cordova Mayor Jeremy Pate said the rebuilding is needed — he just would like to have a voice in that decision.

“My part in the discussion should be you know what’s best for the community as far as infrastructure what need do you need, what can we assist you with and just things like where is the best-suited location that’ll help out community grow,” Mayor Pate said.

Willingham said for now, construction is set to begin in two to three years.