Salmonella victim treated in Alabama sues Pepperidge Farm following Goldfish recall

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A woman is suing Pepperidge Farm and seeking compensation for her injuries after reportedly consuming contaminated Goldfish crackers and surviving a life-threatening case of salmonella poising. 

26-year-old Bailey Finch of Mississippi says she ate the Goldfish Flavor Blasted Extra Cheddar on July 19, according to a release from Cory Watson Attorney’s office in Birmingham, Alabama. This was just days before the company recalled the four flavors of Goldfish on July 23 after learning that one of the company’s ingredients may have been contaminated with Salmonella.

She continues on to say she had no idea the snacks might have been contaminated.

“Salmonella kills. Pepperidge Farm failed in their duty to ensure that the food they produce is safe to eat, and as a result, our client almost lost her life,” attorney Bobby LeMoine of Cory Watson Attorneys said.

He serves as co-council for Finch and will also join of attorneys from Cory Watson along with Patrick S. Wooten of Richard Schwartz & Associates of Jackson, Mississippi, working on behalf of the victim.

Finch began to have stomach issues — she was taken to UAB Hospital where she underwent four days of treatment for her complications caused by Salmonella.

Pepperidge Farm and their ingredients manufacturer, Associated Milk Producers, Inc.( AMPI), are defendants in the suit filed on the behalf of Bailey Finch in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Mississippi.

This is the first suit in the nation filed against the company since the recall of the Goldfish crackers.

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