Roy Moore announces conspiracy complaint during Monday press conference

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Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has announced that he is filing a complaint based on his alleged treatment during last year’s U.S. Senate Special Election Monday in his first public press conference since he lost the election.

Moore will be filing a complaint alleging that the women accusing him of misconduct during the election were part of a political conspiracy, he said at the Monday press conference in Gadsden.

“It takes a long time to find out the truth and conspiracy, what we’ve documented in this complaint will show the people of Alabama that these people knew what they were doing, they set it out, they described what they were going to do, they did it, and then they bragged about it after,” Moore alleged during the press conference.

Moore’s attorney stated that their camp believes that Leigh Corfman, one of Moore’s accusers, received compensation for her story, but they did not present any evidence supporting that claim at the conference.

After the conference, Moore’s team released the complaint to the public, which lists Moore and his wife Kayla Moore as plaintiffs, and lists Richard Hagedorn, Leigh Corfman, Debbie Gibson, Beverly Nelson, and Tina Johnson as defendants.

Moore claims the accusers and Hagedorn conspired and associated with one another to defame his character and reputation, and cited social media posts. 

Moore hadn’t made any public statements since losing the election, which he refused to concede.

Moore says he has no plans to run for public office and denies misconduct with any of the accusers.

Leigh Corfman’s attorney issued a statement to CBS 42:

These latest claims by the Moore camp have no more merit than those he has made before.  Leigh Corfman stands by the accuracy of every one of her statements about Mr. Moore’s sexual abuse of her when she was a 14-year-old high school freshman and he was a 32-year-old assistant district attorney.  Ms. Corfman is no longer a teenager and is not going to let Mr. Moore victimize her again.

Tina Johnson’s attorney also issued a statement after the complaint was released:

As the spokesperson on behalf of Tina Johnson, I am addressing the statements made by Roy Moore and his attorney at his press conference today where he repeated his frivolous accusations of a “political conspiracy” against 4 of his victims.  He filed a complaint in Etowah County alleging the same. 

Mr. Moore said nothing new and is using this as another attempt to fleece money from his followers. Claiming he is broke (despite receiving approximately $200,000 a year in a pension from the State of Alabama), he has been engaged in actively seeking money to defend a defamation suit pending against him in Montgomery, Alabama, a suit that seeks a retraction and apology, but no monetary damages beyond attorneys’ fees.  Now Mr. Moore continues his solicitation for money from his followers to fund the meritless lawsuit he filed today, a suit in which he seeks to enrich himself by demanding compensatory and punitive damages.

Sadly, Mr. Moore seems to believe that he would have won the U.S. Senate race in Alabama (which he has yet to concede) except for the accusations of child molestation and sexual impropriety. He seems oblivious to the fact that he likely lost for a whole host of other reasons, too, including:

(1) Being kicked off of the Alabama Supreme Court twice for failing to follow the law and judicial ethics.

(2) His negative public stances and statements against the LGBTQ community, same-sex marriage, women, minorities, immigrants and Muslims, to name a few.

Mr. Moore did not hold a press conference to take questions from the media before the election. He did not take a polygraph exam as he claims to have done post-election. He did not submit to a sworn deposition despite the willingness of his victims offering to do so at the same time. He acted and sounded like a guilty person running scared. He still is, but his victims are not. 

Ms. Johnson stands by and reaffirms the truthfulness of every statement she has made about the sexual assault she suffered from the hands of Mr. Moore. He has lost any power of intimidation he once held.

You can read the full complaint below:

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