Restaurant Week kicks off in Hoover

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October 02 2021 06:00 pm

HOOVER, Ala. (WIAT) — Hoover Restaurant Week kicks off Friday. The goal is to get people back out and supporting small business owners that took a hit during the pandemic.

Over 40 different restaurants throughout Hoover are participating in Restaurant Week. Many of them are offering special menu items and promos to attract foot traffic.

According to the National Restaurant Association, around 11,000 establishments have permanently closed down since the start of the pandemic.

“There’s always been ups and downs in our industry, but this past year has been crazy,” said David Cohn, the owner of the Whole Scoop.

Cohn has owned the Whole Scoop for the past 10 years. During the height of the pandemic, his business turned to curbside pickup to stay afloat.

“It was a tough year. Business-wise, something we never thought we would go through,” said Cohn.

But business owners are still feeling the ripple effect of the pandemic running into shortages.

“I mean not getting food deliveries. Prices have skyrocketed because of fuel because of labor challenges with deliveries so it’s been a crazy year,” said Cohn.

“So how do you overcome those things you look for different options. Like one of the big things, we try to do is be eco-friendly which eco-friendly is not big in so many areas and the ones that do eco-friendly everybody is pulling from those sources,” said Eric Myers, general manager of Taproot Cafe.

In an effort to help Hoover restaurants get back on their feet 10 days are dedicated to eating local.

“Dine out, spend your money in Hoover support businesses, support local businesses who want you and need you in their restaurants,” said Cohn.

“Were pushing promos throughout next week every day on Instagram we are going to push out promos it’s going to be different every single day,” said Myers.

The goal is to help keep Hoover’s food scene thriving for years to come.

Restaurant Week will run until the 31st. Click here for a full list of restaurants.

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