Residents asking for help fixing roads in Greene County after flooding

Local News

EUTAW, Ala. (WIAT) — Some Greene County residents are asking the county for help fixing their road after flooding washed it away turning it into deep mud.

Stephanie Poole lives in the Flag Road neighborhood and is upset.

“We need our road fixed. It’s not fair that our men have to get out there with their own equipment, their own time and using their own money to repair a road that Green county is supposed to fix,” Poole said.

According to Poole, a number of residents have spent four thousand dollars to use tractors and other heavy machinery to try to fix the road.  County engineer Willie Branch says help is on the way.  Greene County is planning to bring in bulldozers to put down gravel.

“When the weather is favorable and some of the areas are really soft we may use our bulldozer and push the bad material to the side that way they can drive on something harder,” Branch said. “We have some stone and will try to put in stone where we can.”

Poole says it’s about time. She is concerned about police, ambulance and fire trucks not being able to drive down the muddy road if there is an emergency.

“I have elderly parents, what if something had happened to one of my parents and they could not get out.  What if an emergency had happened and we couldn’t get out,” she said. “It’s unreal, they need to fix this road.”

Branch would not say exactly when work crews would begin the job to repair the road.


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