Reform without water after car crash emptied city’s entire supply

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REFORM, Ala. (WIAT) — The city of Reform is without water as workers scramble to restore service in the Pickens County town after a car crash emptied the city’s water supply.  

Chris Robbins and his family are using bottled water to drink and for personal hygiene. 

“That will be good if they get it fixed as soon as possible,” Robbins said.  

Robbins says this past week has been a nightmare not having running water inside his home.

“Not taking a shower is rough. It’s really bad so we bought bottled water to brush our teeth for stuff like that you know so at least we can do that but not taking a shower and not being able to be clean is kind of bad,” he said.

City water crews spent all day Friday running to different locations to check on water leaks. A car crashed into a fire hydrant and as a result, it drained the city water system tanks.  

City engineer Jonathan Bonner says 300 customers don’t have water including Reform Elementary School.

“We have a system that has lots of leaks in it. This past weekend someone with a car hit one of the city fire hydrants and it totally drained the entire city water system. Drained all the water out of the system. We are trying to locate where we have leaks in the system then start repairing those leaks so we can gain water back in the tank,” Bonner said.

Robbins is glad the city is working hard to get the problem fixed.

“I am very thankful they are out here every day and all night trying to get this fixed for everybody. That takes a lot for people to come to work all day and all night for something that’s not their fault,” he said.

Bonner said the city has had problems with infrastructure for a long time. There are lots of leaks that need to be found then upgrades can be done.  

City officials are hoping to have water service restored this weekend or early next week.

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