Birmingham Fraternal Order of Police respond to viral video of George Floyd death

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Birmingham, Ala. (WIAT) — Deepening distrust between law enforcement and the community is once again at the forefront with the death of George Floyd in Minnesota, yet another wound for the black community.

Birmingham Fraternal Order of Police President Richard Haluska says there needs to be a full investigation.

“Training is typically say that you need to set a suspect up so they can get a clear airway,” Haluska said.

The viral video shows a white officer pressing his knee against Floyd’s neck, ignoring the man’s pleas for help while the 46-year-old man was handcuffed and did not appear to be resisting in the video. Floyd was pronounced dead at a hospital hours later and four officers terminated.

Haluska said Floyd’s death is tragic, but bad policing isn’t always the case.

“You want due process for the individuals who died in this case,” he said. “But the reaction was to start immediately punish the officers in this case and you don’t have any facts.”

Now, Floyd’s family and protesters are demanding that all four officers be charged with murder. Even Jefferson County District Attorney Danny Carr has weighed in on the situation, adding that Floyd’s death has now become a legal question.

“It seems like there is far too many killings and a lot less of serving and protecting,” Carr said. “Was there a specific intent to kill, did they have a duty to stop what was going on?”

Protesters are now asking for police body cam video.


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