TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — A record collector got the record of a lifetime.

Elvis Presley’s 28th take of the recording of “Don’t Be Cruel,” landed in the hands of vintage shop owner, Lori Watts.  The moment she saw it, she knew she struck gold.

“I’ve bought and sold some great things in my career so far but this finding its way to me is the best thing yet,” said Lorri Watts, the owner of This Ol’ Thing in Tuscaloosa.

A client of hers walked in with a stack of old records. Buried underneath all of the vinyls was Elvis Presley’s 28th take of his studio session in New York City. One the record is one of his recordings of “Don’t Be Cruel”.

“The first few seconds of the record is an introduction to someone named Sheila. He says Sheila do you mind if I play this record for you and on the flip side is Elvis and the sound engineer bantering back and forth making that introduction and then its struck on the other side with don’t be cruel,” said Watts.

No one knows who the mysterious Sheila is, but she is now a woman that is part of a music legends archive.

“It just needs to go back and find its place in Elvis’s archives because this was an acetate struck in the studio that day,” said Watts.

Watts says this record helped define his career and was the first time Elvis really took control of his studio session.

“I got chills. I knew immediately it was something special,” said Watts.

The record is estimated to be worth between $3,000- $5,000. If people are interested in bidding on the record they need to register at Graceland.com. The auction is in Memphis,TN on August 13th.

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