Ralphie, a New Orleans cat evacuated from the path of Ida, now missing in Mountain Brook

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Ralphie has been missing since Saturday evening.

October 02 2021 06:00 pm

MOUNTAIN BROOK, Ala. (WIAT) — Ralphie’s had a rough few days.

Ralphie, an orange tabby cat, was evacuated from New Orleans by its owner ahead of Hurricane Ida. Now, after making the arduous trip, he’s missing in Mountain Brook.

Kelsey Killion met Ralphie in New Orleans’ Mid-City neighborhood. From his tipped ear, Killion could tell that Ralphie was likely feral, but had been trapped and released, a common occurrence in the Crescent City.

It wasn’t long before Killion, a Charlotte native who has lived in New Orleans for three years, had built a relationship with Ralphie.

When Hurricane Ida began its trek towards New Orleans, Killion decided to evacuate, finding a place to stay with a friend in Birmingham she knew through her work as a defense contractor.

Killion told CBS 42 when she and Ralphie arrived in Mountain Brook Saturday evening, the cat escaped as she was trying to move him from the car into the house where she’s staying.

She posted about the incident in local lost pet groups on social media, asking that residents keep an eye out for Ralphie.

“I evacuated to Birmingham from New Orleans for Hurricane Ida and brought one of the neighborhood cats that has grown fond of me,” Killion posted. “Unfortunately he escaped as we tried to bring him inside. We’re in the Mountain Brook area on Overhill Road. Please let me know if you see him? He is scared and probably going to be skittish.”

Killion has said she’s received an outpouring of support in the wake of Ralphie’s disappearance.

“It’s really heartwarming,” she said.

Killion has set up a trap for Ralphie but has not yet had any luck.

If you see an orange tabby cat with a tipped ear in the Mountain Brook area near Overhill Road, Killion asks that you contact her at (704) 207-3662.

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