SHELBY COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — A video allegedly showing an Alabama State Trooper arresting a woman for cursing has gone viral, sparking concerns about how this situation got out of hand.

Amie Scott tells CBS42 she was heading to work Sunday night when she noticed a state trooper pass her. She says she later caught up with the trooper at a gas station off of 119 near Highway 280. She needed to grab some breath mints before work anyway, so she thought, why not stop at the gas station where the trooper was?

Scott says she joked with the trooper about how fast he was driving. She claims the trooper didn’t find the joke funny and that’s when she says, things got a little tense.

She started recording her conversation with the trooper on her camera. She is a radio personality and often records her interactions with police and the community.

She says the trooper said he doesn’t joke about breaking the law.

“I just turned my camera on and that’s when he went into, you know what ma’am you go ahead and do what you do and I’m going to go ahead and pump my gas and you have a good day,” Scott said. “That’s when I’m like, ‘well Happy Father’s day, with your rude a**’, because he was rude.”

Scott says the trooper later arrested her after telling her it was illegal to curse in public. Scott can be heard using profanity throughout the video.

Scott tells CBS42 she sees both sides. She says she should not have said anything to the trooper and accepts her wrongdoing, but says she doesn’t think the officer should’ve arrested her for cursing in public.

Scott has several videos on her Facebook page, interactions with different people, but she says this video went too far.

“I’m like dog you can’t even joke with him with your rude a**, because he was rude and I felt like he should know that he was rude,” Scott said. “But I shouldn’t have said the a** part, and maybe I shouldn’t have kept saying a** when he followed me into the store and walked in behind me.”

Scott also tells CBS42 she didn’t post the videos online to get people angry. Instead, she wanted to re-spark conversations about police and community relations.

“Now, you got people really honestly saying there on Facebook, well, this is why I don’t talk to the police,” said Scott. “So at what point is the police going to say maybe we are a little bit too serious? You don’t have to be so straight-faced all the time.”

Since posting videos of the incident, they’ve gotten more than 500,000 views.

CBS42 reached out to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency. We were told the agency is aware of the video and is looking into what happened.