Racial slurs painted on building in Lincoln

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October 02 2021 06:00 pm

LINCOLN, Ala. (WIAT) — Racial slurs, political in nature, were painted on a building in Lincoln, local police confirmed Friday.

On the outside of Richard George’s Ball Park, bright red letters defaced the property that’s been in George’s family for nearly 80 years.

“They’re a coward,” George said about the vandals Friday afternoon.

Talladega County Commissioner Jackie Swinford’s name was added to the bottom of the message, attributing the quote to him, but he has denied having any involvement.

“This is somebody that’s angry. Angry at me, and if they have something to say to me, come tell me. Don’t be a coward. Come look me in the eye and tell me what the problem is,” Swinford said.

Swinford and George say they have been friends for almost 15 years. Their friendship and the vandal’s chosen location of George’s longtime property, has both asking if the act was political.

Richard George and Jackie Swinford say they’ve been friends for almost 15 years. (CBS 42 Jessalyn Adams)

“If it is, it’s the worse thing I’ve seen and I’ve been in politics for 40 years. I’ve never seen anything this bad, and directed at me or whoever they directed it to, whether it was Richard or whoever, it’s just wrong and it shouldn’t have happened.”

A paint crew was contacted to clean up the property. The offensive language was spray painted over by lunchtime. Swinford said the building will have a fresh coat of paint by Friday evening.

Paint crews began removing the lettering Friday afternoon. (CBS 42 Jessalyn Adams)

Several neighbors stopped by to check on George.

He tells CBS 42 he is doing fine.

“It’s just to me, only an ignorant person would do something like that. I’m OK. It’s not hurting me. I don’t let racial slurs bother me. I don’t look at the hate anymore. I just tell them they’re ignorant,” George said.

Anyone with information on this case is urged to contact Lincoln Police Captain Hallmark at (205) 763-4064 or Investigator Crow at (205) 763-4070.

George and Swinford talking about the vandalism. (CBS 42 Jessalyn Adams)


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