“Poop train” leaves town: Parrish mayor says last train containing human waste left Tuesday

Local News

Parrish Mayor Heather Hall says the last train car full of human waste from treatment facilities in New York and New Jersey has left the town of Parrish.

Hall told CBS 42 reporter Michael Clark the last container of bio waste was trucked out yesterday–Tuesday, April 17, 2018. She says the only thing left is empty train cars.

The out of town waste caused complaints from the residents of the small town, centering on the strong odor and the insects it attracted.

The bio waste was headed to the Big Sky landfill facility in Adamsville, before the stink raised by residents of Parrish and West Jefferson made local, then national, headlines.

Hall says its her understanding that the waste won’t be returning to the town of Parrish. CBS 42’s repeated requests to the New York City Department of Environmental Protection for information on where the waste will end up have gone unanswered.

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