WARRIOR, Ala. (WIAT) — Law enforcement agencies across the region are checking on the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office after two officers were shot Wednesday morning making a house check in Meadowbrook.

Warrior Police Chief Scott Praytor said what happened to those deputies is the worst thing in the world. Yet, he noted after something like that happens, officers don’t run away from the line of duty but rather straight to it.

“There’s nothing worse for a police officer than seeing a fellow officer go down in uniform,” Praytor said.

Praytor said what should have been a routine call for the Shelby County deputies turned into a “life or death” situation. The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office released an update stating both officers that had been shot were discharged from the hospital.

“Hate any of it happened, but I promise you these brave deputies would be out there tomorrow if they could be,” Praytor said.

Praytor said when officers are hurt, it’s tough on the department, as it has to continue on with business as usual protecting and serving people in the community. But he said outside agencies rally around that department to help ease the burden by helping take calls and add personnel support.

“That’s the great thing about police work, we are a brother and sisterhood,” Praytor said. “[The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office] will have plenty of support. These officers need to take time and heal up. Their buddies on the force, they’ll take care of everything, and they’ll take care of the citizens out there just like they always have.”

Praytor said the best way to avoid situations like this is for people to listen to orders from the responding officers. He said people shouldn’t let a bad interaction with one law enforcement agency taint their view on every officer everywhere.

The Oxford Police Department is also addressing the general distrust society has in law enforcement.

“It’s got to get better,” Oxford Police Chief Bill Partridge said. “If not, we’re just going to deteriorate as a country and as a state. We have to support our men and women who are out there on the front lines every day.”

Praytor said at the end of the day, law enforcement officers are just human beings who want to go home to their families as much as anyone else.