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The weather can greatly impact Alabama farmers’ crop. CBS 42 Storm Team Meteorologist Sarah Cantey spent a day at Alabama Farmers Market off Finley Boulevard to see how this year’s crop fared.

Farmers say the peach crop was impacted by too many freeze hours this winter. But, the crop is still looking alright for this summer. When looking for the perfect peach, look at the color. If it has some yellow on the skin, that means it’ll have a little longer of a shelf life.

Steve Gladden owns a 32-acre farm in Alabama and he says when looking a squash, remember that green lines shouldn’t be a deterrent because that doesn’t impact the taste. Also, larger squashes will hold up better and the shape shouldn’t deter you either.

Charles Ingram owns a farm in South Alabama and he says to always look for a yellow belly on a watermelon. Also, with cantaloupe, you want the color to be a nice yellow showing it is ripe and there should also be webbing visible. Want to know how to spot the best watermelon? Give it a pat and it should sound hollow.

To learn more about the Farmers Market, click here: http://www.alabamafarmersmarket.org/. It is open seven days a week!

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