Through the One Class at a Time program, CBS 42 has been able to present local teachers with one thousand dollar grants! This year marks 20 years of honoring teachers who make a big difference in Central Alabama.

This week’s winner is Jenny Yearby, a Pharmacy Tech program teacher at Oak Grove High School. This is one of the first programs in Jefferson County and Alabama to offer training as a pharmacy technician.

“We’re kind of the cutting edge of getting our kids prepared and ready for a different job opportunity in the health care field,” Yearby said.

“They can take a national certification exam as a pharmacy technician and if they pass they can be hired on immediately really, at any local pharmacy or with a hospital. They will make anywhere from $15 – $18 an hour straight out of my classroom,” Yearby continued.

Purchasing the right supplies for the program can really add up. That’s why she plans to use the money to purchase more supplies for the program.

“There are lots of supplies. I’m always trying to order things that are going to get the hands-on experience to do what pharmacy technicians do in real life,” said Yearby.

Congratulations, Mrs. Yearby …from CBS 42, Chick-fil-A Birmingham, and Medical Properties Trust! Together, we’re giving back to the community, supporting our local schools, and making a difference One Class at a Time.