Hundreds of people in Pell City are reacting to a business sign for Cross Fit Logan Martin off Cogswell Avenue. The sign reads, ‘Tired of being fat and ugly? Just be ugly’. Scott Campbell owns the gym. Campbell tells CBS 42 the city contacted him saying he needed to remove the sign or pay a $500 fine.
Campbell says the city initially contacted him on Thursday and said the sign had to be removed by Friday at 5:00 p.m. Campbell says the city manager is working with him and extended the deadline, and told him the sign needed to be removed because it does not fit the proper size requirements. The sign was put up last week according to Campbell.
Campbell posted a video on his Facebook page after the city called him on Thursday. The sign has received mixed reactions, but most people are in favor of it. A GoFundMe page has been set up to cover the cost of the fine to keep it up.
Campbell had this to say to anyone who may be offended by the message on the sign, saying, “Come in and talk to me. We’re super nice. I get along with everybody. I love everyone. We’re a Christian-based gym. And so a message of love is what we preach here. You know you can’t take yourself too seriously. Especially when it comes to a fitness journey.”
Campbell says he was shocked by the reaction in the community, but he’s grateful most people want to see the sign stay up. Campbell says the city also asked him to remove a sign hanging on the building. That sign does not have the same message. 
Campbell says he is filling out paper work to try and get the sign approved as is so he will not have to pay a fine. Campbell says any additional money raised by the GoFundMe account will be donated to a local charity in Pell City.
CBS 42 reached out to the Pell City city manager’s office for a comment, but our calls were not returned.