Pelham councilman makes efforts to reduce issue with trains stopped at city track

Local News

PELHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Progress is being made in Pelham after Councilman David Coram took action against a train company that’s blocked major crossings in the community for years.

A concern with the blockage of the railroad crossing is the safety aspect of the highly traveled area.

Sometimes the track along County Road 52 and Stonehaven Crossing can be blocked for several hours impacting first responders from getting to parts of the city. Coram reached out to Sen. Richard Shelby writing a letter of his concerns. Shelby was able to get the issue addressed with the Federal Railroad Association.

An investigation found the train company was needed to make operational changes due to the lengthy blockages. All of this not only impacts those in the Pelham community, but the railroad company too it was found they were losing millions of dollars each year, due to delayed deliveries.

Coram said getting the issue addressed is a relief.

“Hopefully it will limit the amount of times that this happens in the future and they also told us if you find where there is a consistent period of time where this is happening over and over again and at a very close proximity of time please contact us again on the federal level,” Coram said.

Coram said the blockage of the railroad track in Pelham has not been stopped completely, but progress has been made during the past month and he’s hoping that effort continues. He is encouraging people in the community that encounters any long period of a train being stopped in the area to reach out to his office.

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