PELHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — DryTech Water Restoration recently started offering the TOMI SteraMist Environmental System to combat dangerous germs that cause illnesses like the Coronavirus.

The Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have both approved the SteraMist system which uses a mixture of de-ionized water and hydrogen peroxide to target germs.

DryTech Salesman Ryan Vidischak told CBS 42 that the special nozzle on the SteraMist machine forces the disinfectant to travel through a plasma arc and break up into radicals to target and kill organisms, bacteria and viruses.

“Hydrogen peroxide, as it goes through that plasma arc, it breaks down into what is called bit technology,” Vidischak said. “It’s binary level. So that peroxide gets broken up. As it gets broken up it turns into basically an arrow. As it hits an organism, it blows it up.”

Vidischak said the company also met with city leaders in Hoover and Vestavia to discuss their services and come to an agreement. He said the disinfectant is safe to use on electronics, fabrics, furniture and even painted walls without causing damage or leaving a residue.

“As it touches the surface of any products that you have in your home, or furniture you have in your home, it kills on impact,” Vidischak said. “So as that vapor lets out odor that is a little bit of an irritant, that will dissipate within 10 to 15 minutes.”

He said that means that you can safely go back inside a building that has been treated the same day, even after just running an errand or two.

As for the cost of a treatment, Vidischak said the do not want to price gouge especially given heightened public concern about the Coronavirus — so you can call for an estimate.

DryTech is located at 1053 Commerce Blvd in Pelham. For contact information, click here.