CLANTON, Ala. (WIAT) — Now is the time where peaches are good to pick and back on the shelves.

The peach season started around mid-May and those selling peaches in Clanton are excited, but say it’s been tough due to the inflation.

Durbin Farms Market and Peach Park say peaches may cost a little more this year and it’s not just one thing raising the price.

“Its just hard to get anything anymore,” said Mark Gray, owner of Peach Park. “If you can get it, its usually twice the price that its use to be and you know you have to pass that along.”

Durbin Farms Market manager Colby Jones said it’s not just diesel prices that have risen, but also fertilizer and even plastic containers. Jones said the peaches this season are just right and people are using them for many different treats.

“Half the people, their going to the beach and their saying oh were going to make daiquiris, homemade ice cream or we just get something for the kids to throw in the cooler,” Jones said. “I think that even us here even ourselves our excess is going into our ice cream next door, pies, cobblers nothing gets wasted here it always a different mode that you can put something into.”

Peach season can last as long as September.