BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Family, friends and religious and civic leaders remembered Dr. Harry Reeder during his celebration of life service Wednesday afternoon.

Reeder served as pastor of Briarwood Presbyterian Church for 24 years before his death in a car crash in Shelby County. Howard Eyrich says his friend should be remembered for his kindness, passion and caring attitude he had toward many.

“He trained others in the ministry and put other men in his ministry over the years,” Eyrich said. “He has always had a couple of men beside him who he is training and developing and reciprocating what he’s done in his ministry.”

Church member Max Jones says he will remember Reeder for his loyalty and consistency. Even though grieving his passing has been hard, Jones says Reeder prepared members for this moment.

“Everyone’s reaction of course is shocked but what he imparted in us again creates that consistency that he had taught in his personal example of loyalty, but I think everyone is really leaning on us on what he imparted in us about the sovereignty of God and that trust,” Jones said.

Reeder was the second pastor of Briarwood Presbyterian Church. He took over after Dr. Frank Barker in 1999.