Parts of I-59/20 bridge to be recast due to mishap, ALDOT confirms

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) — ALDOT confirms around two dozen segments in the I-59/20 bridge project will need to be recast due to an error by the contractor. 

ALDOT said the project is still on schedule, but the contractor is going to play some catch up. 

It’s been about five months since the I-59/20 section going through downtown Birmingham closed. 

ALDOT regional engineer Dejarvis Leonard said they constantly have inspectors on the ground and this time, they found a problem. 

“We did find there were some segments that were out of spec about a month ago, and the contractor has agreed to recast the segments,” said Leonard. 

The segment is the concrete part of the bridge. 

Leonard said there are more than 2,300 segments, and about two dozen have to be fixed. He said this wasn’t a structure issue, but it was one that could have impacted the smoothness of the drive. 

“It’s not out of the norm of construction activity of any project that there are adjustments that have to be made,” said Leonard. 

Drivers said they just want this project to finish and be done right. 

“They’re trying to do things quickly, and it’s not a surprising, but you’re going to get delays because of it obviously,” said Stuart McCafferty, a driver. 

“I’m a little surprised. I know they were saying they were ahead of schedule, and when you hear things like that you’re curious how they’re getting it done so fast,” said Derick Ore, a driver. 

ALDOT said taxpayers will not have to pay for this mishap, and this will all be coming from the contractor. 

Leonard said the contractor has already started recasting the segments and they plan on catching up, even if they have to work through the night. 

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